Garbhdhan Sanskar

Children are known by the name of their parents and with the nourishment of mother with their whole life. They are very precious and the best creation of your life you have ever done.

The importance of pre Gestation period was known by the ancient people as the term Sanskar, so they were strictly following the rituals given in the Vedic scriptures related to the birth of a child. But in modern days how to see the importance of this which play the vital role in our and we all have ignored this basic foundation of our life and getting depressed day by day even having all the facility in our life and the presence of children not giving the peace. Something is missed by our generation which we need to keep track.

The mental state of the couple will manifest into the children and this is the reason some parents have complained that their children are always crying or don’t want to participate in any activity with enthusiasm. The couple should take care of their health too before planning the baby and have a healthy diet. Both Father and Mother’s role plays a vital role to have the child, who is the best creative part of their life.

We all are living in a time where we don’t have much time to decide which Nakshatra is running or the tithi (waning/waxing moon day) which plays a significant role in our lives. Generally, people take this thing connected to our mood to having copulated with our partner, this is correct that our mood decides what we want but we need to see the whole picture not only the trailer of the story.

We just need to dig deep into the root in our ancient culture, to know why all these ritual are present, which we are not able to follow. We will be able to get the amazing picture that all these ritual from the pre-birth to in each phase of our life is because we have the right to have the life without any hurdle, disease, and mental stress, same like the modern technology and therapy which are required to keep our self healthy, fit, stress free and also to have the healthy progeny.

40 weeks of pregnancy and Grabdhan Sanskar:

The average time period of human gestation is 280 days, or 40 weeks from the period of conceiving the child, from the first day of the woman's last menstrual period. The Vedic ritual can give the best pregnancy result and happiness from the cosmic blessing of planets and Nakshatra.

You just do the Vedic ritual related to Grabdhan Sanskar after marriage which can be performed whenever you want to have a child. There is only thing to keep in focus you need to be in the vibration of Vedic rituals and mantra chanting, which will give cleansing to your thought in the presence of fire ritual and there will be proper guidance of how to hygienically perform correct intercourse in which man should not force the women and avoid the stress and depression period while making relationship. This Pre Gestation ritual will give you the child which you really want and dream about. This is to be done based on the longitude relationship with Sun and Moon known as Tithi. The Nakshatra which is in fixed nature is the best to have a relationship because the power of this Nakshatra will save the fetus and mother will not have premature or miscarriage problem.

The Vedic Culture and Pre Gestation Preparation:

Our culture has given the most important role of our children and this can be seen with the rituals present in the Vedic culture, which starts with the Vedic Astrology say that our the fifth house signifies the creation and also the fifth house is for the progeny, we will have.

Our children are the manifestation of our thought, this was the reason the Vedic Rishi and our ancestor was suggested us to be with positive thought and maintain the peace around the circumstance where the couple is living, because the auspicious circumstance will affect the mind, thought process in positive direction, which lead toward good creation and progeny. This process is known as the Sodas Sanskar and the very first Sanskar is the Garbhadhan Sankar (The rituals of Conception). The program run by the Vedic culture and the focus of the program related to the Sodas Sanskar is the reconstruction of human by performing rituals.

Garbhadhan Sankar (The rituals of Conception):

Children are the responsibility for both father and Mother: Garbhadhan Sankar (The rituals of Conception). This process is just like the seeds get sterilized before plowing in the ground to have a good return as the best grain. This process is also associated with the creation of a child, who will get manifest with the union of parents; this process is known as the Beej (The Sperm) and Kshetra Sphuta (Ovary) analysis through the Vedic Astrology. To have the good children the Garbhadhan Sankar is performed. In which the Man take the vow “That I follow the Sanskar of Garbhadhan to be blessed with excellent progeny with the divine grace, with destroying in my sperm and her ovum and those in her womb as well”.

The Nourishment through the Vedic Astrology to Women and Pre-pregnancy preparation for being the perfect mother:

Since the Vedic time, the role of Mother is very important even the foundation starts with the feminine creature whether it’s Gayatri, Parvati, or the Aditi the mother of all god. In other civilization the Mother Marry, Birgid a Climate goddess who protect the life of the creatures, Kuan Yin Buddhist goddess of compassion, Isis the Egyptian goddess who has the power to bring back the dead in life, Shakti in Hinduism. The provide the circumstance within herself for nine months even before nine months the women start preparing herself with proper diet and thought to nourish her child with proper care.

The Vedic Ritual gives the strength and cosmic power sustains the new life inside a woman who has the power to give the manifestation of thought, which her husband and family have dreamed of since a long time. Astrology plays the role with the term as Kshetra Shut the longitudinal sum of Jupiter, Mars and Moon are dived with 360 degrees the result in even with a Navamsa chart the progeny will and the nourishment of child will be good within the womb of the mother. But the odd and malefic aspect can give the situation like late conceive, Miscarriage, or premature baby.