Unique baby names

Welcome to parenthood!
Naming the baby is an exciting & important task. A name has a significant effect on the life of an individual; it holds the power to shape his/her personality. In this era of distinctive style, picking out one-of-a-kind name for your baby can be a little tough. Most parents worry about whether the names they are most enamoured by would be appropriate for their baby? We, at, have compiled a list of unique baby names - a pool of names that are a perfect blend of being unique and meaningful. Choosing the baby name with the help of Vedic Astrology helps parents select the names that correspond to the cosmic energy of the ruling planet at the time of birth of the baby, thus bring good fortune to the baby and the family both.

Naming a baby based on Vedic Astrology/his or her Moon Sign is considered to bring good luck!
If you wish to seek any professional help or guidance regarding the alphabet, meaning or origin of the name, you may visit