Vidyaarmbh Sanskar or Vedarambha Sanskar:

Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life in our own way. It also helps us build our own opinions on various things and decisions in life, and also see things from our own point of view, thus giving us the liberty to take part in knowledgeable discussions and share our valuable thoughts.

Owing to the importance of gaining knowledge through education, it is essential that every child gets the privilege of good education in his life, and is not kept away from the various facets that would help him/her gain knowledge. Education and having requisite knowledge improves the intellectual capacity of a child, increases their prospects of having a successful career, elevates their standard of living, thus making way for a harmonious life ahead.

According to the Vedas, it is the duty of the parents to take care of their children’s not just mental and physical growth, but also ensure that he/she gets a rewarding worldly education, as well as Dharma education. A child starts learning things from the very first that he/she is born. The parents play a vital role in molding a child’s education, as they are the first teachers in a child’s life. It is the parents duty as per Vedic tradition, to choose a very good institution for their children so that they duly fulfill and attend the basic education under the care and guidance of the parents. It further helps in forming a strong base for continuing the studies forward, as in today’s modern world, with the new age educational systems and everyone trying their best to gain more knowledge, z firm base in education is of utmost importance.

The Significance

This phase has been called as Vidyaarambh Sanskar or Vedarambha Sanskar in the Vedic way of life. In older times, studying the Vedas was given due importance and everyone strived hard to teach their children the Vedas and it numerous teachings. This Sanskar is known as such because it starts before teaching the children the Vedas, and throughout the entire learning process. Since in today’s modern world education is just not just constricted to the Vedas, it is known as Vidyaarambh Sanskar. As the name suggests, it thus means the ritual that the parents follow at the start of formal education for a child, and continues until he has completed his basic education, like the high school, before he/she can go face the real world outside for higher education.

Parents, in most cases, try their best to provide the finest educational facility that they can provide as per their standards, and reach. Apart from this, they also need to take care that a happy, carefree, and studious atmosphere is essential for study. In ancient days, the students used to go to the Ashram, that would be a institution where religious studies were imbibed into the learners, young and old, and used to be situated away from the cities and villages. Now, with changing trends and various other opportunities, the schools of today maintain a decorum and an atmosphere fit to study. Such an atmosphere needs to be maintained at home as well at least during the time the child has to study. This has further increased the responsibility of the parents, and this means that have to levy their children with restrictions and keep an eye on them and take care that they study well and do their tasks regularly.